14 Day Spinal Reset

BY MADISYN TAYLOR Moving our bodies in healthy ways releases tension, lubricates our joints and allows us to move more freely. Dear Friends, Recently I spoke with Tristan Gatto, PTA, about his course, 14 Day Spinal Reset. As somebody who has suffered from back problems most of my adult life, it was a little bit of […]

Tristan Gatto: beYogi Ambassador Spotlight

Tristan Gatto is more than just a yoga and anatomy expert, he’s also a top selling DailyOM course creator with several years of experience helping people feel their best no matter their age or fitness level. He’s helped thousands of clients heal their body through yoga and physical therapy-based movements that are not only effective but easy […]

What You Need to Know About Yoga and Spinal Health

Not all yoga practices are created equal – even more so when underlying back issues are involved. Research shows 80 percent of Americans have reported at least one episode of back pain in their lifetime with over 60 percent complaining of pain that is chronic in nature. With a multitude of treatment options available, many people are […]

Inside The World of Yoga and Anatomy

Anatomy is a hot topic in the yoga world today. A majority of yoga instructors who have graduated from traditional 200-hour teacher trainings complain that there is not enough emphasis on anatomy in many of these trainings. Currently the Yoga Alliance only requires 20 hours of Anatomy and Physiology as part of a 200-hour teaching […]